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This web site is intended to provide information covering climbing areas in the UK and Costa Blanca region of Spain.

Rock-Topos climbing guides are intended to provide documented information, directions and routes for the rock climbing at the cliff or area covered by the guides. The guides are intended to supplement the publish guides to these climbing areas. The guides will be updated to reflect new routes and to provide current access details. 

If you have any comments, additional crags, additional routes or corrections please e-mail these to [email protected].

UK - County Durham

Developed Sport Climbing:

Stanhope Dene Lakeside (18 routes) - All the routes on the left buttress are climbable. I believe 2 routes on the right buttress are missing hangers..
Ashes Quarry (133 routes).
Bollihope Valley - Washpool Crags; Jopla and Harnisha -  Only Jopla main wall is missing the hangers.

Forgotten Quarry  ** New **
Jack (Skears) Scar  ** New **

Bouldering Venues:
High Houselop Quarry
Harthope Quarry

Spain - Costa Blanca

If you have any problems downloading the topo's just send an e-mail to [email protected].com and I'll try my best to send them directly to you.

The climbing is split by area:

Gandia Area - areas close to the town of Gandia in the northern Costa Blanca

Calpe Area - covering climbing in the Calpe, Xaló/Jalón valley and Benidorm areas

Alicante Area - covering the climbing near Alicante, Orihuela and Murcia

Ontinyent Area - covering the climbing in the central area around the town of Ontinyent

Murcia - the areas in the southern part of the Costa Blanca around the city of Murcia


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Every effort has been made to make these publications as accurate as possible however the information provided is on an as-is basis. The descriptions of routes and the grades are recorded to assist the climber to attempt routes within their ability. 

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