Rock Climbing Information and Guides

Bollihope Valley

Washpool Crag - An old limstone north facing quarry reaching 12 metres in height close to the road, offers a mix of traditional, sport, bouldering and winter climbing. North facing.

Jopla Quarry - The prominent limestone quarry on the bend heading towards Stanhope, south facing, up to 12 metres in height. South facing.

Harnisha Quarry - A couple of small walls with some bouldering downstream on the north side of the stream. South facing.

Bollihope Shield - Some sandstone buttress with a handful of boulder problems.

Approach Notes

Washpool Quarry - When travelling from Frosterley, park just before a bridge where B6278 (Stanhope-Egglestone) crosses Bollihope Burn. Walk 200-300m up a path dividing the old grassy spoil heap into the quarry.

Jopla is very obvious with parking at the old entrance to the quarry.

Harishna - park as per Jopla or just a little further down the valley and follow the footpath alongside Bollihope Burn to reach the crag in 5 minutes.