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Revisions to the site

25th March 2021 - Added details for Forgotten Quarry and Jack (Skears) Scar

2nd May 2020 - Changed the site theme and tried to tidy it up a bit. Added High Houselop and Harthope to UK section

19th February 2020 - Add Bollihope Valley to UK section

Site has been updated and restructured so as to add the recent and on-going Stanhope developments.
28th October 2019 - Updated with the Hownsgill topo, Ashes topo is now 133 routes (v8a).

21st August 2019 - Ashes Quarry now at 115 routes. The latest version of the topo is available (7a).

6th July 2019 - Updated version (6) of the Stanhope Ashes Quarry - 75 routes with Shield Wall, Bat Buttress and Sunset Boulevard now developed.

27th May 2019 - Updated version (5) of Stanhope Ashes Quarry with 51 routes. Details of what the donations are paying for is now in the Donations page.

17th May 2019 - The latest version of Ashes Quarry topo is available

4th May 2019 NEW - The first addition of the Stanhope Ashes Quarry topo is now available!

2019 May Bank holiday weekend

 - Bolted at Ashes Quarry - Alpha buttress, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - a total of 8 routes plus half another. That was 6 belays and 40+ hangers/bolts.

The tally is now 51 routes.!