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Non-commercial Sites

UK Climbing web site - Crag details and news

Global web site - Scorecard for rock climbers

Commercial Sites

Rockfax - Guide books and forum for climbing

Smart Rock Climbing - Information on getting started + much more

Rock Climbing Company - Climbing Courses in Spain and North Wales - Climbing Courses in southern Spain close to Malaga and Granada

Rock and Sun - Climbing courses and private guiding throughout UK and Europe

Abdet.Com - Accommodation, walking cycling and climbing - with topo's for Guadalest and El Flare

Chris Craggs - Guide books for UK and Europe

Compass West - Adventure and skills training in Britain, Spain and other countries where there are mountains and wilderness areas - with topo's.

Ryan Glass Mountaineering - Instruction and Guiding - Spainish Rock climbing course on the Costa Blanca in Spain - Scottish winter mountaineering courses.

Climb Europe Climb Europe is all about describing the best rock climbing areas within Europe, to help climber's plan their rock climbing holidays, book accommodation and buy rock climbing guidebooks

World Climb WorldClimb - A Definitive Directory for everything in the World to do with Climbing

Spanish Climbing Sites

NENE ESCALADOR - Spanish forum site with information in Costa Blanca Region

Matxinklimb - Another Spanish forum site with information in Costa Blanca Region

MurciaClimb - Spanish web site with topos and forum for climbers operating in Murcia region

Escalada - Spanish web site - choose the Croquis link and select an area from the map

Hezweb - Official web site for the IRC

Spanish Climbing - Another Spanish site containing introductory information to different climbing areas in Spain - Web site that has a lot of topo's available for download - Spanish site with lots of topos (croquis) for all areas of Spain. - Good site with plenty of information on climbing


Climb France - ClimbFrance is run by dedicated climbers who share a passion for the sport and for the crags and mountains of France. We only provide climbing courses and holidays which means we specialise in what we do best.

Other Links

Property4spain - Buying property in Spain - useful links for flights, car hire etc.

MoreToSpain - Accommodation. The village of Agres is within the Sierra Mariola National Park which is a range of mountains famous for its wild herbs and flowers. This traditional mountain village is popular with Spanish tourists and benefits from a number of excellent restaurants offering local cuisine.

CASA MARIPOSA - Accommodation. Casa Mariposa - Fabulous 2/3 bedroom villa in Alcalali, Costa Blanca Jalon Valley with breathtaking views and private pool, less than 500 metres from the nearest "Top 50" rated crag at Alcalali.